Man returning rental car ends up ‘working’ while he waits as staff aren’t answering phone

Deric Cahill recently rented a car and the whole process was going really smoothly – until it came to the return.

As he headed to Enterprise to give the car back, he ended up waiting for a little while and during that time, he claims a phone in the office kept on ringing and ringing.

The employee working didn’t look like he was going to pick up the call anytime soon, so Deric decided to take matters into his own hands.

In a viral clip on TikTok, he can be seen reaching over the reception desk and answering the phone, taking the call seriously and attempting to help the customer on the line.

The voiceover in the video says: “I was waiting to return a car for 15 minutes.

“There was a guy here just refusing to answer the phone, so I jumped in like a rental car superhero.”

You can then hear his side of the phone conversation, which goes: “Thank you for calling Enterprise.

“Let me go ahead and check.”

Deric, who lives in the US, then proceeds to call out to an employee on the other side of the room to ask if they have any minivans available to rent that day.

The employee can be heard off-screen replying that there is a shortage of minivans.

Deric relays the message to the customer on the phone, who then asks if they have any SUVs or other mid-size vehicles they could rent.

Once again Deric asks the employee about the stock, who goes to check this for the customer.

As he’s checking, Deric explains to the person on the phone that he doesn’t actually work for the company.

“You know it’s hilarious, I don’t even work here. There’s no one in here and the phone has just been ringing for like 10 minutes and there’s a dude here that was behind the desk, so I decided to answer the phone and now I got him to work. He’s actually going to check on this for you.”

A more senior employee walks in at this point and asks Deric who he is and why he’s on his phone.

“I am a customer, I was waiting to return a car,” he explains.

The video cuts off at this point, leaving the viewers on TikTok (20 million of them) desperate to know what happened next.

Deric later shared a follow-up, revealing that the boss wasn’t happy.

“The big boss walked in, he was not pleased,” he said. “I have the video, I can publish the rest of it but when I told him I was a customer, where the video cuts off, he said: ‘And you answered my phone?’

“I told him, like ‘listen man, I just needed to help out’.

“I completed the call because I do believe in strong customer service, we did let her know that the vehicles were sold out and she’d have to look at a new store and then I proceeded to return my car rental, where the guy is probably going to charge me like $2000 because of hail damage to the car, because North Texas got a nice hailstorm, so the whole time he was checking the car, I was like 100% f***ed myself, 100% shouldn’t have picked up his phone now that there’s hail damage to the car.

“So, yeah. That’s it.”

More than four million people liked Deric’s original video, with one writing: “Bro doesn’t even know who his co-workers are.”

Another said: “Employee of the month brother!!!”

A third commented: “OMG that was epic!”

Someone else replied: “Not all heroes wear capes.”

A different user asked: “Did you get hired?”

“Give this man a raise,” proclaimed a sixth.