Nine-year-old leaves savage note for ‘idiot’ dog owners who ruin his walks

As a dog owner, it might sometimes be tempting to walk away from your pet’s mess if no one is around rather than carrying out the fun job of bagging it up.

But one nine-year-old rightly wants you to know that doing so makes you a ‘lazy idiot’ – and if he’s responsible enough to clean up after his dog, you should be too.

A walker spotted a laminated warning note stapled to a wooden sign post by the child who has clearly had enough of stepping in dog poo and an image of the message was shared on Reddit.

It reads: ‘Clean up your dog poo it’s disgusting. I hate it its always on my shoes and my brothers and sisters which then gets walked into our house.

‘It’s not good your very lazy. I’m very annoyed you are an idiot if you don’t pick it up. Start now. If I can pick it up at age nine then you should be able to do it to.

‘No matter how old you are or where your from pick it up!!!! Please it’s horrible all the way down the road.

‘Would you like it if it was on your shoes it’s always on mine but if you pick it up then it shouldn’t be.

‘Poo bags are £1 for 100 so go buy some and pick up your dog’s poo or find a stick and flick it into the hedge so then its not on the path its not hard at all…’

It then added in large bold font: ‘Pick up your dog’s poo you filthy animal!!!!’

It was shared on the CasualUK Reddit page with the caption: ‘Found on a walk, let that be a message to all dog owners!’ and racked up plenty of comments as many people joined in on the rant.

One replied to say: “What I hate even more is people picking up their dog’s poo, putting it into a plastic bag and then tossing said bag into the hedgerow or hanging it on trees… at this point I prefer you flick it to the side, it’s less environmentally harmful. People are f-ing idiots…”

And another joked: “I’m more concerned at the moment there is a currently a very angry 9yr old running around the countryside with a heavy duty staple gun.”